A breakthrough low-cost delivery model

The Telmedix System and specialty-specific diagnostic instruments are deployed into patient exam rooms of a primary care clinic. These rooms are repurposed to serve as a Telmedix Clinic that provides specialty medical services to PCP patients by remotely-located medical specialists via the Internet.

The Telmedix Clinic bills healthcare insurers the appropriate CPT codes for specialty exams and diagnostic tests and patients self-pay for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Ophthalmologists and other medical specialists who partner with Telmedix Health to provide specialty medical services are also potential customers for deploying the Company’s Telmedix System in their clinics. The Telmedix System enables specialists’ practice to offer extended hours over evenings and weekend, physician absences and it allows other medical services to be offered through their clinic.

The Telmedix Clinic increases patient access to specialty medical services, enhances the quality of care and is a breakthrough in lowering the cost of outpatient healthcare services.