Delivering specialty medical services via Telemedicine

Access - Affordability - Quality

The Problem

Over 85% of the US healthcare dollars are spent on patients with multiple chronic conditions who require care by primary care physicians (PCP) and by medical specialists. The doctors typically practice in separately located brick-and mortar clinics. This silo-based delivery system limits access, impedes quality and has a very high cost structure.

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Our Platform

The Telmedix System is a proprietary telemedicine technology that brings eye care and other specialty medical services to primary care clinics, on-site & on-demand. The Telmedix Clinic provides patients with one-stop access to multiple medical specialty services and reduces or eliminates their need to visit off-site specialists.

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Our Model

The Telmedix Clinic aggregates revenues and disperses costs across multiple medical service lines to create a highly profitable healthcare delivery system. Telmedix’s “Brick-and-Click” model of leasing PCP patient exam rooms “as-is” at fair market value and paying specialists per telemedicine encounter results in a per-patient overhead cost that is half that of conventional brick-and-mortar specialty clinics. The PCPs’ existing patients are recruited as Telmedix Clinic customers at very low cost.

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